D³ discord: https://discord.gg/cRWWhh2p3K

The D³ developers team aims to bring value to the D³ community as well as any partner communities and any other community associated with any of the games or projects D³ is involved with. This includes, of course, the entire Chicken Derby community. Most of the services and features we offer are, and will always be, free to access to any member of the above communities. This included the D³ Chicken Manager, the ChickenBot hosted on the D³ discord server, the D³ Chicken Derby Stream, the D³ Hen House and any other projects or services we might host on the future. A select number of functions will be exclusive to D³ pro community members. To get access to these prime features you can subscribe to become a D³ pro user! Funds collected through subscriptions will be used to cover any costs associated with offering these services to the community and support further development.

D3 chicken derby manager premium packages
How do I subscribe?

Until further notice, subscriptions will be handled manually. Join the D³ Crypto Gaming community on Discord and talk to any of the Dude Squad members to set it up!

How much does it cost?

In the future, D³ will likely offer different tiers and durations of subscriptions, those will be explained here. For now, we offer a limited time all-inclusive promotional rate for only $15/month, that unlocks ALL pro features currently offered by D³ Crypto Gaming, including D³ Chicken Manager Pro and Pro-features on the Discord Bot.

Join our server and take advantage of this limited-time offer now!